Remembering a massacre...

December 6, 2016 – The Montreal massacre continues to haunt the collective Canadian psyche, which is why we’re looking back at the day that changed the face and clarion call of feminism. Shelley Page was there, and we revisit her thoughts and feelings about chronicling the massacre. We also share some happy stories, such as Joey Klein’s success.  The Toronto actor and film-maker says he, Tom Cullen and Tatiana Maslany found real friendship making The Other Half, a new movie about love and loss that opens in theatres across Canada Friday. Katherine Monk chats up Klein, while Jay Stone takes a long look at Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester By the Sea, Oscar bait with Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams. Plus, Chris Lackner shares the challenges of being a first-time father with an ode to slowness, Louise Crosby fills our tummies with the warmth and soul-affirming taste of cauliflower and cheese soup — and more, in The Ex-Press. We get there when we get there.


Remembering a massacre: A tough pill to swallow

The Sick Days: Part 18 Covering the events of December 6 at L'École Polytechnique was a formative experience, and one a seasoned reporter now thinks she got all wrong. By Shelley Page (Published Dec. 2, 2015) The moment my editor told me to ...

Between the lines: Delicate tragedy of Manchester by the Sea

Interview: Kenneth Lonergan on Manchester by the Sea Kenneth Lonergan makes a triumphant return to movies with a story about a solitary man who must go back home to face his family and the events that changed his life By Jay Stone TORONTO — There’s a scene in the penetrating and devastating drama Manchester by the Sea where Casey Affleck, playing a ...

Tatiana Maslany, Tom Cullen fire up first-timer

Interview: Joey Klein on The Other Half In a world full of malaise, misanthropy and unmitigated sorrow, first-time filmmaker Joey Klein says he wants to hold up a funhouse mirror to ambient pain By Katherine Monk (November 30, 2016) Joey Klein is what you’d call a ‘late bloomer.’When he was a kid growing up in Montreal, he assumed he’d ...


Feeling all pains and needles

The Sick Days: Part 22 After toughing out the chronic pain of inflamed joints and fever flashes, a young reporter hits the wall and lands in the hospital where hiding the truth about her illness is no longer an option By Shelley Page An ...


Mom is the Flash, Dad is the Slow

Daddy Diary: Part Seven Faster than an unfired bullet: A first-time father discovers his superpower has nothing to do with speed, and everything to do with slowing down to a snail's pace By Chris Lackner “This is a job for… The Slow.”...


Pop Culture Decoder: Cosmetic Dermatology

Misty Harris suffers the horrors of Thermage so you don't have toBy Misty Harris I always intended to grow old gracefully, like Audrey Hepburn or a chunk of parmesan cheese. Things did not go as planned.Around the time I turned 30, a ...


Remembrance of Moosewood

Recipe: Cauliflower Cheese Soup The vegetarian collective based in Ithaca gave birth to a popular cookbook and launched the career of Molly Katzen back in the 1970s, yet despite changing times, the soup remains the same By Louise Crosby There ...

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