January 21, 2017 – Can someone tell Donald Trump he won the election and that he’s President of the United States of America? That means he has to be, like, Presidential. And we’re not talking Pinochet. The United States of America is a republic founded on revolution, and if he doesn’t recognize the swelling masses already forming beneath his feet, he’s setting himself up for a rather bumpy ride. So why not take a smoother route and hang out with us on The Ex-Press train. Jay Stone runs into a multiplicity of problems with M. Night Shyamalan’s  psychological thriller Split. He’s got more time for 20th Century Women and Annette Bening. Katherine Monk shares a compartment with The Founder, John Lee Hancock’s take on Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s Empire. She also visits Pedro Almodovar’s Julieta. And if that’s not enough to get you on track: Louise Crosby offers a Reset Button Smoothie. It’s healthy, green and will give your immune system the luck of a leprechaun. And we’re going to need some luck. And some good reads here at The Ex-Press.com and The Ex-Press.ca.



Split is divided against itself

Movie review: Split M. Night Shyamalan's latest adventure in psychological horror — about a kidnapper with 23 different personae living inside him — is itself a victim of a split personality disorder

The Founder's quarter-pounder of thought

Movie review: The Founder The American Dream comes in a convenient package that's ready to eat as John Lee Hancock finds the beef in The McDonald's Empire

Split fuses silly with sloppy

Movie review: Split James McAvoy's over-the-top performance as a man with multiple personalities lends M. Night Shyamalan's tediously self-conscious thriller a hint of fun


Feeling all pains and needles

The Sick Days: Part 22 After toughing out the chronic pain of inflamed joints and fever flashes, a young reporter hits the wall and lands in the hospital where hiding the truth about her illness is no longer an option By Shelley Page An ...


Mom is the Flash, Dad is the Slow

Daddy Diary: Part Seven Faster than an unfired bullet: A first-time father discovers his superpower has nothing to do with speed, and everything to do with slowing down to a snail's pace By Chris Lackner “This is a job for… The Slow.” ...


Pop Culture Decoder: Cosmetic Dermatology

Misty Harris suffers the horrors of Thermage so you don't have to By Misty Harris I always intended to grow old gracefully, like Audrey Hepburn or a chunk of parmesan cheese. Things did not go as planned. Around the time I turned 30, a ...


Hit your mental reset button with a sweet green smoothie

Recipe: Reset Button Green Smoothie A spritely emerald green, this smoothie is packed with kale and spinach, but sweetened naturally with pear, banana and pineapple, so as good as it is for you, it doesn’t taste like medicine. By Louise ...

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