Launching a Rocket in the Living Room

DIY Column: The Apollo XIII Project A New Year’s resolution to reuse, recycle or purge was already in progress, then the pandemic happened, and what started as a creative bid to turn garbage into art suddenly morphed into a personal Apollo XIII ...

Tell the Ones You Love, now more than ever

Column: The Balm of Poetry Part 6 - Dennis Lee’s Tell the Ones You Love Tell the Ones You Love - A short, sweet poem about love. As we struggle to cope with the terrible sweep of this unforgiving virus, Rod Mickleburgh says he finds it particularly apt.    

Bruce McDonald gives Stephen McHattie a double-scoop of Dreamland

Movies: Interview with Canadian director Bruce McDonald McDonald’s latest film features a drug-addicted trumpet player and a jaundiced hitman on a collision course in the middle of Europe. “It’s about the journeyman and the artist,” says the director. He might as well have been talking about McHattie himself -- the Canadian character actor who sits ...


“One morning I woke up, and couldn’t move..."

Column: The Sick Days, Part 1 Journalist Shelley Page remembers the day her life changed at the hands of a serious autoimmune disease, and how she learned to survive the rigours of the old newsrooms on a daily dose of prednisone. Mystery Illness: ...


Journalist takes Labour Day weekend literally

The Daddy Diary: Labour with help from Jack Bauer An expecting first-time father channels the spirit of a super agent as he faces the unknown, an earful of Portuguese expletives and the beautiful face of a brand new baby girl By Chris Lackner ...


Pop Culture Decoder: Sexy Halloween

Why the media recycle the same damn story every October By Misty Harris Halloween is surely the most frustrating night of the year for actual hookers – and the riskiest one for men seeking their company. This should not come as a ...


Peanut Butter Crispy Brown Rice Bars Trump Hate and Hunger

Recipe: Peanut Butter Crispy Brown Rice Bars When events in the U.S. makes you woozy, satisfy your hunger for something healthy, real and honestly nostalgic with a crispy rice peanut butter square. By Louise Crosby (January 29, 2017) OTTAWA, ON ...