On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter

Sequel to the classic 1971 documentary takes another lap around oval of motorbike love

ON ANY SUNDAY: THE NEXT CHAPTER: (2014, documentary)

Directed by Dana Brown. Featuring Bo Derek, Travis Pastrana, Jimmy N. Roberts, Ashley Fiolek, Dani Pedrosa, Art Haynie.

Three stars out of five

Picking up where his father Bruce left off in On Any Sunday, the original 1971 doc featuring Steve McQueen on motorbikes, filmmaker Dana Brown takes us around the world to meet a whole new generation of bike enthusiasts spinning their wheels – happily. From the dirt tracks of the American heartland to the rugged terrain of the Great White North, Brown brings us close enough to the action to smell the tailpipes. He also tries to develop the characters, and use the central passion as the uniting theme. It doesn’t always work because everyone feels a little stiff in front of the camera. They also have a habit of saying the same thing, because how many ways can you express the wind-blown feeling of freedom a motorcycle represents? Perhaps the most moving chapter involves a scene with Doug Henry, a professional rider who was seriously injured in a 2007 crash, but developed a special rig that allows him to rev it up in style. The boys don’t talk too much as they chew up the mud with their tire studs, but you can feel the road of emotions –stretching from guilt to hero worship — stretching out before them like so much blacktop. A definite recommendation for people who like to talk about suspension, engines and torque, but it’s not a visual poem to the sport as much as it’s a random, if entertaining, recitation of cliché. – Katherine Monk


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