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Penetrating Helen Gurley Brown

Books: Not Pretty Enough - The Unlikely Triumph of Helen Gurley Brown New biography of the woman who recreated Cosmopolitan as a vehicle of sexual empowerment reveals lifelong insecurities and a penchant for moisturizing with baking lard

Hell Or High Water captures an American collapse

Two brothers are out to rob all the branches of a predatory bank, with weary Texas Ranger Jeff Bridges on their trail, in this dusty evocation of the collapse of the Western dream

Movie review: In Order of Disappearance is Norwegian noir

In this bleakly comic thriller, a mild-mannered snowplow driver is driven to take revenge on the local drug gangs, resulting in much bloodthirsty misunderstanding

The rise and fall (and rise and fall) of Anthony Weiner

Movie Review: Weiner A tell-all documentary about the brilliant politician who became a talk-show joke takes us deep inside a political campaign that is slowly, inexorably falling apart

Lo And Behold: Werner Herzog looks at the Internet (and also at Werner Herzog)

Movie review: Lo and Behold A new documentary examines the web from a variety of offbeat angles, and decides that it represents the biggest innovation in human history since Werner Herzog movies  

Movie review: Cafe Society a bittersweet love story

Woody Allen's new movie, set in Hollywood and New York of the 1930s, is very much the nostalgic yearnings of a veteran film-maker looking back at his obsessions

Movie review: Jason Bourne, again

In this overstuffed action film Matt Damon returns as the spy with amnesia, although this time he remembers everything far too clearly — except when to stop  

Who you gonna call? Ghostbustiers?

Movie review: Ghostbusters A new version of the 1984 comedy spotlights an accomplished, all-female cast, which just goes to prove that unnecessary remakes know no sexual boundaries

Captain Fantastic loses heart

Movie Review: Captain Fantastic In this eccentric family drama, Viggo Mortensen plays an aging hippie who is living off the grid and educating his brood of children in the wilderness  

Our Kind of Traitor is John le Carre lite

Movie Review: Our Kind of Traitor Spy adventure about an ordinary couple caught up in the world of the Russian mafia and crooked British politicians lacks the gritty atmosphere — and the plausibility — of the best espionage drama