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Jay Stone has been a fixture in Canadian media for decades, and one of the most beloved movie critics in the country. He worked at the Ottawa Citizen and Postmedia News service until he retired.


Movie review: The Measure of a Man finds dignity in small moments

French film about a laid-off factory worker uses a documentary realism to find the everyday incidents of an unstated tragedy: the decline of the common man

Movie review: The Lobster shows its claws

This surreal (and possibly brilliant satire) — in which a group of single people must find mates or be turned into animals — is more creepy than funny  

Movie review: Born to be Chet Baker

A new movie biography tells the story of how the handsome jazz legend came back from a devastating beating while trying to fight his addiction to heroin

Movie review: Still big, fat, and Greek

Fourteen years later, there is a sequel to the hit rom-com. The good news: it goes down the same path, and with many of the same jokes. The bad news: ditto.    

Movie review: 10 Cloverfield Lane keeps you guessing

Movie review: 10 Cloverfield Lane The story of a woman kept locked in an underground bunker by a survivalist is a gripping psychological thriller — unless it's a gripping sci-fi adventure

Close encounters on the third base line

Sports: Jays' Spring Training in Dunedin Whether you're sponging up the baseball, sponging off the spilled beer, or buying a sponge in a seaside tourist shop, catching Blue Jays spring training in Dunedin is a ball fan's beery version of Valhalla By Jay Stone DUNEDIN, Fla. — On my first day in Dunedin this year, I went to a spring training baseball game and saw a pitcher named Pat Venditte, who can throw with either arm. He has a special six-finger glove with a thumb at each end, and he can put it on whichever hand he wants and throw with the other arm. Venditte, who is in the Toronto Blue Jays camp, has been in the league for a while — he was with the Yankees two years ago and Oakland last year — and there’s even a rule named after him. It says that he has to declare which arm he’s going to throw with against a switch-hitter. This keeps baseball, which is kind of a leisurely sport anyway, from becoming an endless game of chicken, with Venditte moving his glove from ...

Movie review: Eddie The Eagle doesn’t fly

The story of England's most unlikely Olympian — a ski jumper who charmed the 1988 Games with his ineptitude — is turned into a film that follows a familiar formula  

Movie review: The Witch is a dark fable

It's being promoted as a horror movie, but this spare and chilling folktale about a pioneer family in 17th Century New England is an existential thriller about family and faith

Movie review: Zoolander 2 is less of the same

Fifteen years later, Ben Stiller's satire on the fashion industry comes back as a satire on itself, with no new ideas but lots of new celebrity cameos

Movie review: Hail, Caesar! salutes Hollywood kitsch

The new Coen brothers movie is an homage — or maybe just a bunch of references — to a golden age of movies that captures the energy of an era without having much of a point