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Movie review: Jurassic World turns park dark

Director Colin Trevorrow tries to fill dinosaur-sized shoes with digital science and a bigger scope in his next-generation take on the $800-million Jurassic franchise  

Movie review: Phoenix a post-Nazi drama of identity

German actress Nina Hoss gives a fascinating performance as a woman who returns from a death camp to find her true love — and her own persona, writes Jay Stone  

Movie review: Love & Mercy finds harmony of a troubled genius

Paul Dano and John Cusack both play Brian Wilson in a creative musical biography that looks inside the head of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson   - 30 -

Movie review: Aloft is a New Age head-scratcher

A woman seeks spiritual healing, a boy who trains falcons seeks his mother, and viewers seek some kind of meaning in Canadian drama   - 30 -    

Movie review: Spy shakes up sexist tropes to serve dry comic martini

Melissa McCarthy takes a character who typically blends into the background and makes her visible, forcing us to see the inherently sexist tropes of the super spy genre, writes Katherine Monk  

Movie review: Some Kind Of Love an intimate family portrait

Vancouver filmmaker looks at his eccentric, creative aunt and uncle as a way to understand the idea of family, and discovers instead the flotsam and jetsam of a lifelong feud - 30 -

Movie review: Entourage: It’s back, five years too late

The movie version of the TV show about a film star and his childhood friends turns out to be a lightweight commentary on Hollywood that gets by on nudity and celebrity cameos -30-

Top 5 examples of reality pre-empting the movies

San Andreas is going ahead despite the deadly coincidence of a Nepal earthquake. Other films had to be changed when real-life intervened

Movie review: I’ll See You in My Dreams

Blythe Danner brings quiet strength and suspended sexual energy to the role of a widow polished to a fine shine by life in Brett Haley's drama that proves you can fall, and get up again

Movie review: The Rock moves San Andreas

Special effects make tectonic nightmare come to life in stock exercise that combines the best of the worst disaster scenarios in one earthquake extravaganza, writes Katherine Monk