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The Dead Don’t Die Doesn’t End Well

Movie review: The Dead Don’t Die Jim Jarmusch’s send-up of horror tropes feels like a basic lesson in what zombie movies symbolize — a cultural descent into empty consumerism and brain-devouring distractions -- but little more.

Isle of Dogs Marks Wes Anderson’s Territory

Movie review: Isle of Dogs There’s the heavy sigh of melancholy that defines Anderson’s whole oeuvre in this second stop-motion piece of animation, but as it howls at the loss of childhood innocence, it also recreates a little chunk of magic by hand.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbustiers?

Movie review: Ghostbusters A new version of the 1984 comedy spotlights an accomplished, all-female cast, which just goes to prove that unnecessary remakes know no sexual boundaries

New look suits The Jungle Book

Movie Review: The Jungle Book Director Jon Favreau uses state of the art digital technology to animate Rudyard Kipling's story of an orphan boy raised by wolves, and in the process, exhumes the dark heart of a child's version of Apocalypse Now

Hip Hip, Murray!

Home Entertainment We're making a list, and checking it twice: Celebrating Bill’s many gifts to mark A Very Murray Christmas, airing Dec. 4 on Netflix. By Chris Lackner All I really need to know I learned from Bill Murray. With his Netflix holiday special bowing Dec. 4, I’m reminded of the many gifts the craggy-faced, curmudgeonly comedian has given me. As a child of the ’80s, most of my friends looked up to action heroes – from Arnie to Sly, Van Damme to Seagal. Not me. I emulated a smartass with a delightfully deadpan delivery. To wish you all A Very Murray Christmas, I’d like to celebrate the many things the actor has taught us: Sarcasm is mightier than the sword: Male pop icons, from Luke Skywalker to Rocky, were largely men of action. My ultimate boyhood hero was Murray’s Peter Venkman from 1984’s Ghostbusters. The classic Murray character wielded dry sarcasm like a weapon, firing off effortless barbs to overcome adversity, motivate his team – or ...

Movie Review: Rock the Kasbah

Clash of cultures creates crude comedy Bill Murray returns to the big screen in the role of a rock 'n' roll flameout who tries to ignite his failing management career by heading to Afghanistan, where he encounters a Pashtun songbird in a gilded cage