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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Splices, Dices, Stalls

Movie Review: Jurassic World -- Fallen Kingdom The DNA of the franchise may remain the same, but the species of blockbuster spawned by Steven Spielberg continues to evolve as dinosaurs move from villain to man’s best friend in Jurassic World, a tarry-eyed pitstop before the next extinction.

The Book of Henry a clunky ode to Rube Goldberg

Movie Review: The Book of Henry Naomi Watts leads a stellar cast of young actors in a story with plenty of unlikely turns, a few moments of awe and an awkward thunk that leads somewhere surprising

Movie review: Jurassic World turns park dark

Director Colin Trevorrow tries to fill dinosaur-sized shoes with digital science and a bigger scope in his next-generation take on the $800-million Jurassic franchise