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Lisa Beare nods to #metoo in new funding announcement

News: BC  Politics, Gender Equity Minister Lisa Beare puts up $175,000 to promote education and awareness of systemic bias, while Oscar-winner Geena Davis drove the message of gender equity home at recent Women on Top Conference. By The Ex-Press VANCOUVER, BC -- British Columbia’s coalition government is putting some money where the #metoo movement is by funding $175,000-worth of new initiatives to improve workplace safety and awareness regarding abuse, discrimination and harassment. Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture made the announcement at Whistler Film Festival’s “Woman on Top” Vancouver luncheon Friday. “The #MeToo movement has elevated awareness that abuse, discrimination and harassment are serious problems globally,” said Beare. “Our government is deeply committed to ensuring that the people working in B.C.’s creative industries are protected. That’s why I’m implementing new measures to promote safe, respectful workplaces for workers in the ...

Arthritis and Adamantium: Logan senses an ending

Movie Review: Logan movie review James Mangold's latest instalment in the X-Men franchise takes a heroic look at mortality via Hugh Jackman's aging Wolverine and Patrick Stewart's supernaturally demented Professor Xavier

4DX – Butt-tingle Part Deux?

News: Movie Exhibition Cineplex Entertainment announces partnership to bring 4DX, a new, immersive viewing technology that features mists, smells and moving seats to downtown Toronto April 12, 2016 - TORONTO - If you’re old enough to remember the Odorama of John Waters’s Polyester and the butt-rumble of Midway’s Sensurround, you’ve been waiting a long time for the second generation of full cinematic immersion. But according to Cineplex Entertainment, it’s coming to Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas this summer. The metro Toronto multiplex is slated to open the first 4DX auditorium in Canada, and for those unfamiliar with the new technology, think theme park: Moving seats that roll and tilt with the action, misting effects, vibration and strobe lights. Plus, odor emanating from the seat in front of you — that isn’t the result of popcorn and pop consumption from your seat mate. Currently installed in more than 230 locations around the world, 4DX includes over 20 ...

Home releases: What’s streaming your way in June

Kevin Costner cocks the starter pistol, Liam Neeson runs all night, John Travolta fakes it, Colin Firth pops his brolly and Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Get Hard -- but it's Red Army's Fetisov who scores on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD, writes Katherine Monk By Katherine Monk McFarland (2015) 3.5/5 Starring: Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, Ramiro Rodriguez, Carlos Pratts, Johnny Ortiz, Morgan Saylor. Directed by Niki Caro. Running time:  129 minutes. Parental Guidance. In sports movies, cliché comes on the side – like coleslaw. You don’t ask for it, and you may not even like it, but there it is: a little white paper cup filled with shredded cabbage, a silent affirmation that you got what you paid for. The coleslaw in McFarland is the idea of the underdog competitor, in this case, a group of Latino high school students in southern California. Jim White (Kevin Costner) used to coach football at a school for privileged white kids, but after he loses his temper, he’s fired ...

Pop Culture Decoder: Bad Blood

Misty Harris unpacks Taylor Swift's latest celebrity-filled video, which belly-flopped onto YouTube earlier this week By Misty Harris Confession: I was counting down to the debut of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video the way normal people count down to Christmas, or Kardashians to their next selfie. Say what you want about Swift’s love life, which has played out like a cautionary tale against dating songwriters, the girl has chops when it comes to producing killer music videos.   Imagine my disappointment, then, when Bad Blood finally landed and turned out to be all style, no substance (if you put your nose to your computer monitor, you can actually smell the aroma of “meh”). Though all the elements were in place for another hit – slick set design, more than a dozen star cameos, and a budget equal to the GDP of some small countries – the end result was more mess than masterpiece.   Let’s decode, shall we?     Too many celebri...

Sean Penn locks, loads and loses it in The Gunman

It's some fast times for a weary CIA spy in Pierre Morel's schlocky thriller featuring Penn as a feisty character named Jim Terrier   -30-