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Five Feet Apart: Teen love tropes and a cruel twist of phage

Movie review: Five Feet Apart Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse play cystic fibrosis patients forced to stay at a safe distance, yet ultimately sacrifice everything to satisfy their breathless love. It’s a run-of-the-mill millennial teen romance, but proves the next generation isn’t living in denial when it comes to death.

Journalist takes Labour Day weekend literally

The Daddy Diary: Labour with help from Jack Bauer An expecting first-time father channels the spirit of a super agent as he faces the unknown, an earful of Portuguese expletives and the beautiful face of a brand new baby girl By Chris Lackner 1:30 a.m. A gentle voice. "Wake up, babe. My water just broke. She's coming." Two minutes of unintelligible, groggy mumbling, and then: "Are you sure it isn't one of those fake things? You know, Higgs boson... or whatever its called?" Sigh. "Higgs boson is a particle (my wife is a scientist). Braxton Hicks are fake contractions... (again gently) there's no such thing as fake water breaking." "Oh." The panic sets in, and I immediately forget everything I learned in our prenatal class. I silently (for fear of being slapped) ask myself one thing: "How would Jack Bauer handle this?" 1:45 We're desperately gathering everything on our hospital checklist at the front door. From clothes to food, and Gatorade to diapers. The baby is two ...