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How Bao’s house of women brought new dimensions to Pixar animation

#OscarCheck2018 Interview - Bao Filmmakers Domee Shi and Becky Nieman-Cobb The Oscar nominations come out January 22 and Canadian director Domee Shi is already on the shortlist with Bao. She can’t talk about the Academy Awards, but the Toronto-raised animator says just making the short at Pixar feels like a victory.

Incredibles 2 Too Much Toon, Too Little Tone

Movie review: Incredibles 2 The long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles picks up the Parr family where we left them, but the world and our innocent sense of wonder has changed. Maybe that’s why Brad Bird’s Incredibles 2 feels a little out-of-sync, despite its cinematic skill.  

Pixar’s Ted Mathot Talks Technology, Education, Incredibles’ Design

Interview: Ted Mathot The talented artist says working under the wing of Oscar-winner Brad Bird helped him make the big leap from storyboard artist on The Simpsons to story supervisor on The Incredibles 2. But this could just be the beginning for the Boston native. Now a fledgling graphic novelist, Mathot's own stories seem poised to fly.

Finding Dory, losing story

Movie Review: Finding Dory Ellen DeGeneres returns as a fish with short-term memory loss in a largely forgettable sequel to Finding Nemo -30-

Sadness still makes her happy

People: Phyllis Smith The veteran star of The Office says voicing the role of Sadness in Disney-Pixar's Inside Out was a joyous experience that continues to animate her life   By Katherine Monk Finding true joy in sadness is the stuff of self-help books, but for Phyliis Smith, it’s become the defining moment of her career—and she’s still in it. Speaking over the phone, apparently from the Midwest home she grew up in with her siblings, Smith’s voice is charged with audible enthusiasm as she talks about her time working on Inside Out. Released theatrically June 19th by Disney-Pixar, the animated feature about an eleven-year-old girl named Riley remains one of the biggest hits of the year, standing at number three for the year with over $355 million in domestic receipts. Now out on home video today, Smith says the minute the movie premiered at Cannes, people told her it would be a turning point—including executive producer and member of the Pixar brain ...

Movie review: Inside Out a happy head trip

Disney Pixar takes a long walk down an infinite pier of personal identity in Inside Out, an animated tour of developmental psychology that captures the pain of growing up using primary colours and Amy Poehler's voice