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Shazam! feels like Fisher-Price version of the Marvel Universe

Movie review: Shazam! Director David F. Sandberg seeks to blend age-related gags with serious family drama in a failed attempt at sly humour in this overly simplified, but altogether safe take on superhero transformation.

Batman v. Superman: Boredom v. Snoozedom

Movie review: Batman v. Superman Zack Snyder had the makings of a psychological thriller about male insecurity in his Batman v. Superman story, but the director of 300 fails to focus on the core drama and leaves a debris field of special effects and underdeveloped characters

The Ben Affleck Batman Smackdown!

Superheroes: Who Makes the Best Batman? Batman vs. Superman - Dawn of Justice may be getting all the attention, but Ben Affleck has already fought the first battle just by taking on the role of the truly human superhero beneath the cowl. By Chris Lackner Holy happenstance Batman! Who could have predicted Ben Affleck would give us the best caped crusader yet? That’s not one of The Riddler’s tricky questions. The supporting evidence was there long before Affleck’s greying, embittered, flinty-eyed Bruce Wayne showed up in trailers for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Affleck’s initial casting sent fans and pundits into an uproar. (Apparently, two Oscar wins doesn’t give you enough cred to don a cape). Ahead of the film’s March 23 debut, we examine why the actor’s critics were blind as a bat: Hollywood’s Dynamic Duo: Affleck was tailor-made for this part. He’s been playing Batman to Matt Damon’s Superman ever since Good Will Hunting. Damon has always ...


We thank the tailors for making these Age of Ultron superheroes look so dapper, but if we look back at the birth of the stretchy suit, we have to thank the tailor's son and a 'super fabric' called nylon LONDON -- Isn't it time superheroes dressed like men instead of Russian figure skaters from the '70s? We give full marks to the elegantly tailored Paul Bettany (above) and the ever-dashing Chris Evans for shaking it up at The Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere, but we also realize without all the flashy NASCAR paint, it's hard to figure out which guy in a suit stopped an evil artificial intelligence from taking over the universe. When Canada's own Joe Shuster created the whole, hyper-fitted look of the modern superhero with Superman's first appearance in Action Comics back in 1938, he not only offered up a protagonist with an identifiable brand and logo, he may have been inspired by the invention of a brand new, manmade fabric called nylon. The first entirely synthetic ...