Star Wars: A Feminist Force Awakens

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens provides a Ton Ton’s carcass of content to discuss and, in a pinch, butcher and turn into a sleeping bag in this week’s Pop This!


Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. Produced by Andrea Gin.

A sampling of what you might hear in Episode 11: Star Wars

What would I do with a BB8?

I have never cared about space at all. I can see Star Wars is part of pop culture canon, but it’s a conversational understanding of Star Wars.

What you did for me for Real Housewives, I need for you to do me for Star Wars.

I don’t think I thought of it as a space movie… It just happens to be set in space.

I was watching the hero’s journey: Joseph Campbell figured out we have an innate story we need to experience. I recommend the hero with a thousand faces.

Maybe it’s good to watch this movie not stoned out of your gourd.

I feel like this is my literal everyday, I’m invited to save the world and I don’t.

It gripped me in a place that was already programmed in me before I was born.

This is Buddha’s story.

It’s Plato’s cave analogy.

Star Wars and women is a problematic conversation.

Princess Leia is a terrific character. We see her compromised…but at the same time, she’s a princess. The way she talks down to Darth Vader… she is not putting up with shit.

Maybe I was too bitter and jaded as a kid to find a way into it.

I can’t watch E.T. It’s too sad.

Watch The African Queen. You’re mind will be blown.

It’s not about colonialism is it?







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THE EX-PRESS, January 22, 2016


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