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The Finest Hours survives a perfect storm of flaws

Movie review: The Finest Hours The story of a split oil tanker off the Massachusetts coastline looks fantastic but leaves a slick of limp scenes and dramatic debris floating in its wake  

Audrie and Daisy and Rehtaeh and Amanda

Film: Sundance Film Festival Audrie & Daisy breaks down the door of teen secrecy to expose flaws in a legal system that allows for social media bullying in the wake of sexual assault By Katherine Monk PARK CITY, UT — The movie is called Audrie & Daisy, but it could just as easily have been called Amanda Todd and Rehtaeh Parsons because the stories are so similar: A young woman is sexually exploited, then shamed and harassed on social media to the point where she feels she has no option but to take her own life. It’s become a tragic fact of modern puberty, and as Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk’s (The Island President) new documentary makes abundantly clear, there are no easy answers to a problem that requires wholesale change to both the legal system and the secret social world of teens. “You think you’re having the conversation with your kids, but there’s so much more to say… which is why I am so grateful for this film,” said Cohen after the film’s ...