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Loved The Danish Girl, Hated Lili

Movie review: The Danish Girl How Alicia Vikander's performance as a wife who loses her husband to another woman proves there's more to being a female than donning silk frocks and fancy shoes

The Ben Affleck Batman Smackdown!

Superheroes: Who Makes the Best Batman? Batman vs. Superman - Dawn of Justice may be getting all the attention, but Ben Affleck has already fought the first battle just by taking on the role of the truly human superhero beneath the cowl. By Chris Lackner Holy happenstance Batman! Who could have predicted Ben Affleck would give us the best caped crusader yet? That’s not one of The Riddler’s tricky questions. The supporting evidence was there long before Affleck’s greying, embittered, flinty-eyed Bruce Wayne showed up in trailers for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Affleck’s initial casting sent fans and pundits into an uproar. (Apparently, two Oscar wins doesn’t give you enough cred to don a cape). Ahead of the film’s March 23 debut, we examine why the actor’s critics were blind as a bat: Hollywood’s Dynamic Duo: Affleck was tailor-made for this part. He’s been playing Batman to Matt Damon’s Superman ever since Good Will Hunting. Damon has always ...

The Ex-Press Oscar Predictions 2016

Movies: Oscars 2016 Our expert guide -- and some good guesses -- about who will win the little man with the gold complexion come curtain time By Katherine Monk Chris Rock is in a hard place. Hosting this year’s Oscars isn’t a task for amateurs who get by on dimples, he’ll need to do an entirely different song and dance and address, and hopefully undress, the diversity issue that continues to ripple through every corner of the industry, putting legendary stars in embarrassing situations. Poor Meryl Streep. You know she’s going to get some zinger about about how “we all come from Africa.” And poor Sylvester Stallone, having to represent Creed as the white guy, and poor Bryan Cranston and Michael Fassbender who handed in spectacular performances as two different brands of genius in Trumbo and Steve Jobs but will not take home the big prize. It was a year of great performances in so-so movies, or at least movies that never fully connected with audiences in the ...

Movie review: Where to Invade Next

Movie review: Where to Invade Next Michael Moore plays chatty tour guide as he treks through Europe to discover healthy school lunches, free college tuition and - gasp! - women in power!

Movie review: Eddie The Eagle doesn’t fly

The story of England's most unlikely Olympian — a ski jumper who charmed the 1988 Games with his ineptitude — is turned into a film that follows a familiar formula  

Triple 9 shoots in the dark

Movie review: Triple 9 Australian director John Hillcoat gets lost in the shadows of a dirty cop drama that has too many characters and not enough Woody or Winslet

Gods of Egypt in need of burial

Movie review: Gods of Egypt Director Alex Proyas brings a shallow and distracted superhero style to a story about ancient Egyptian gods in a sibling power struggle -30-

Pop This! Would like to thank…

Pop This! Episode 16 - The Oscars What fresh hell is this? Given the number of awards shows in your face and in your daily feed, are the Oscars even relevant? The Pop This! team tells the man where he can put his gold statuette... Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. And Dorothy Woodend. Produced by Andrea Gin. A sampling of what you might hear in Episode 16: The Oscars... Back from Vegas... Mariah Carey was everything I could have asked for and more… There was an awkward moment where two people came up from the audience to talk with her, Bev and Andy... Email us and tell us how much you paid for that. I left $18 at the Paris. There are more and more awards broadcast...  you didn’t have access to the same repetition. It's just a popularity contest... even at the Vancouver Critics Circle... You have to think like Bob Hope. Do the old Academy members need to die? Your time is done Woody Allen. You can go off and play shuffleboard. A ...

Movie review: The Witch is a dark fable

It's being promoted as a horror movie, but this spare and chilling folktale about a pioneer family in 17th Century New England is an existential thriller about family and faith

Luke Kirby takes another waltz with romance

People: Luke Kirby He played a problematic brand of Prince Charming in Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz and now Canadian-born Luke Kirby is walking a tightrope of sanity as a bipolar Romeo in Paul Dalio's Touched With Fire   By Katherine Monk He played a pedicab-driving Romeo opposite Michelle Williams in Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, and now he plays a bipolar brand of Percy Bysshe Shelley in Paul Dalio’s Touched With Fire, but if you think Luke Kirby has a thing for playing the problematic prince charming, it’s just optics. The Guelph-raised Kirby is also a regular on the Sundance Channel crime drama Rectify, did several seasons of the Astronaut Wives Club and recently appeared in The Good Wife. And for those who weren’t paying attention to Canadian cinema at the turn of the present century, Kirby starred as the gay son of traditional Italian parents in Emile Gaudrealt’s Mambo Italiano. “Right now, I’d like to work on my tan if I could find the ...