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Pop This! Episode 16 – The Oscars

What fresh hell is this? Given the number of awards shows in your face and in your daily feed, are the Oscars even relevant? The Pop This! team tells the man where he can put his gold statuette…

Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. And Dorothy Woodend. Produced by Andrea Gin.

A sampling of what you might hear in Episode 16: The Oscars…

Back from Vegas…

Mariah Carey was everything I could have asked for and more… There was an awkward moment where two people came up from the audience to talk with her, Bev and Andy…

Email us and tell us how much you paid for that.

I left $18 at the Paris.

There are more and more awards broadcast…  you didn’t have access to the same repetition.

It’s just a popularity contest… even at the Vancouver Critics Circle…

You have to think like Bob Hope.

Do the old Academy members need to die?

Your time is done Woody Allen. You can go off and play shuffleboard.

A sexy foetus…

Bridge of Spies…

Bloated hubristic stuff…

The Revenant…

A lot of male critics buy into that macho stuff …

Boycott? Are the Oscars relevant? And are you going to watch?

I really disliked Birdman.

I liked how much it was about ego…  a long conversation about ego.

Tangerine, it has life and experience… and the Hockney blues of Los Angeles…


I loved that film it wasn’t afraid to go those places in a Freudian way.

We’re live-tweetingt the Oscars.

We got our first reader question.

There’s talk of a Xena reboot… Who would you cast?

Amy and Tina.


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THE EX-PRESS, February 25, 2016


2 Replies to "Pop This! Would like to thank..."

  • joan Monk February 25, 2016 (5:01 pm)

    of course we should question the Oscars, but i will always watch them.
    Something always happens that is worth the time and the clothes are terrific.

  • joan Monk February 25, 2016 (4:58 pm)

    Women, we don’t say ladies anymore it is not politically correct.
    Do not throw out all the traditions at once. There is too much instability
    too much rebellion.
    There are rebels without a cause, as well as rebels with causes.
    People have to get together instead of being ornery, and isolationist.
    everyone is so opinionated. All opinions are different. We shall end up with
    a dictatorship and fascism.

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