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Don’t be a stranger to Spaghetti Collins

Food: Recipe - Spaghetti Collins When you're feeling like a noodle, Pascale Manale's Spaghetti Collins will be your friend for life -- onions, garlic and all By Louise Crosby If some of us are suffering from a certain end-of-winter, when-will-it-ever-feel-like-spring malaise, our usual enthusiasm for cooking, or doing much of anything for that matter, might possibly be lacking. Day after day of cold and rain, snow still on the ground, and the promise of another polar vortex bearing down – in April, of all months – can get a person down. Let’s just get take-out, we say to ourselves, sinking back into the pillows with our book. Well, here’s a simple and delicious pasta dish that should get us back into the kitchen. It’s called Spaghetti Collins and it comes from Pascal’s Manale restaurant in New Orleans, named after a friend of the owner. The recipe is included in Saveur: The New Classics Cookbook, put out by the editors of Saveur magazine. You can make it in no ...

Knight of Cups runneth over

Movie Review: Knight of Cups Drinking in Terrence Malick's imagery of deeply saturated Los Angeles will leave you in a mental stupor, but that seems to be the point of this meditation on movies  

Movie review: Born to be Chet Baker

A new movie biography tells the story of how the handsome jazz legend came back from a devastating beating while trying to fight his addiction to heroin

Feeling the Vancouver Bern

Rod Mickleburgh: Bernie Sanders in Vancouver, Washington Tilting at the windmills of politics called Super PACs, Bernie Sanders seems perfectly comfortable playing the modern equivalent of Don Quixote By Rod Mickleburgh VANCOUVER, WASH. -- The 74-year old, white-haired politician advanced to the podium, and the roof nearly came off the Hudson’s Bay High School gymnasium. No wonder. For nearly four hours, thousands of us had been standing in line, braving a cold, miserable rain, without even knowing whether we would be among the 5,000 or so lucky enough to make it inside. Our little group, friends after sharing the miserable ordeal outside, scraped through by the skin of our chattering teeth, but the doors soon closed on thousands more. As the cheers continued to cascade down from the packed, rickety benches of the high school gym, Bernie Sanders leaned forward and shouted in his hoarse, Brooklynese. “All I can say is: WHOA!” The roar got louder. “It sounds to me like ...

Let Midnight Special shine a light on you

Movie review: Midnight Special Jeff Nichols throws Michael Shannon back into the mental wringer as a father trying to save his gifted son from a cult leader, the FBI and comic books

Batman v. Superman: Boredom v. Snoozedom

Movie review: Batman v. Superman Zack Snyder had the makings of a psychological thriller about male insecurity in his Batman v. Superman story, but the director of 300 fails to focus on the core drama and leaves a debris field of special effects and underdeveloped characters

Movie review: Still big, fat, and Greek

Fourteen years later, there is a sequel to the hit rom-com. The good news: it goes down the same path, and with many of the same jokes. The bad news: ditto.    

Millennium haunted by ghosts of Al Waxman, Maury Chaykin

From the Bottom of the Pile Movies: Blu-ray review - Millennium Finding a little piece of Canada's film past, and a message from the future, in the wreckage of a 1980s science fiction film starring Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd  

The Bronze straddles a low bar

Movie review: The Bronze Melissa Rauch's send-up of competitive gymnastics includes an acrobatic sex scene and cartoonish characters in tracksuits, but lacks the gritty heart required for a sports movie -- even an insincere one

Divergent – Allegiant Part One: Incoherent

Movie review: Divergent Series - Allegiant Part One Shailene Woodley's Tris discovers the world behind the wall in the Divergent Series, a post-apocalyptic saga that feels like high school on sci-fi steroids