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Minestrone makes it homey

Food: Recipe - Minestrone It starts slowly with a pot of simmering white beans, but minestrone grows into a bowl that feeds the soul By Louise Crosby You could say the measure of wealth is not how many cars you have in your driveway, or how many holidays you take each year, but whether you have a batch of home-made soup in your refrigerator at the beginning of the week. Right now I’m thinking of minestrone, that thick, substantial Italian vegetable soup that will keep you going in good health for several days. We should all be so lucky. Minestrone is something you make when you have plenty of time and want to enjoy the process. It starts out slow and quiet with a pot of simmering white beans. As they are turning soft and creamy, you take a soup pot and start to build your vegetable base, sautéing onions, garlic, carrot and celery in plenty of olive oil and bacon drippings, should you go for bacon, then adding more layers of flavour with zucchini, green beans and potatoes, ...

Hello, My Name is Doris – the Exploress

Movie Review: Hello, My Name is Doris Sally Field finds fertile terrain as an eccentric hoarder in Hello, My Name is Doris, a feel-good romantic comedy aimed at menopausal women that's appealing to all

The Huntsman: Winter’s War cold as ice

Movie review: The Huntsman Female relationships falls prey to cleavage from The Huntsman's axe in Grimm revision of Snow White saga