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Does Mad Men Make Women Angry?

Podcast: Pop This! The digital divas take on the tale of two Mrs. Drapers, television's serial rape culture, and whether the chair-spinning moment in The Voice is a thrill or flat contrivance Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. Produced by Andrea Gin. A sampling of what you might hear in this week's episode: "I did not care for the end of Mad Men, I hated the final episode." "At what point am I complicit in the rape culture by tuning in?" "I celebrate shows that have lots of sex." "Girls is over..." "I highly recommend Casablanca, the original, not the Pamela Anderson remake." ...and so, so much more.   For past episodes, click here. Or subscribe to Pop This! on iTunes. THE EX-PRESS, December 20, 2015 -30-

Love, Actually vs. The Holiday

Podcast: Pop This! Two pop culture experts play amateur marriage counsellors as they dissect the reasons why kindness is so hard to come by, then move straight into a knock-down, drag-out discussion about the merits of Love, Actually and The Holiday. Featuring Andrea Warner and Lisa Christiansen, Produced by Andrea Gin Don't say we didn't warn you. This week, the ladies are extra feisty as they weigh the merits of Kate Winslet's response to a question about equal pay, and expand into a larger discussion about the feminist tag -- and how willing, or unwilling, the rich and famous are to wear it. Warner offers surprise thanks to Sarah Palin, then the real battle begins... It's a smackdown between two favoured Christmas rom-coms: Love, Actually and The Holiday. Lisa refers to Love, Actually as 'Hate, Actually' while Warner calls The Holiday "a cold Journey to Hell." The gloves are off -- just so they can warm their fingers by the burning yule log. It's another episode of ...

Pop Culture meets its match: Pop This!

Two pop aficionados bring a feminist tilt and hit of flip to the ball-bearing world of podcasting By Katherine Monk VANCOUVER – It’s a bit like playing pop culture pinball with two feminist flippers: thoughts, rants and gleaming balls of insight are batted back and forth, pushing hot button topics and ricocheting through current events with bright flashes of insight and spontaneous bursts of badass bell-ringing. It’s just what happens when broadcaster Lisa Christiansen and bestselling author Andrea Warner get together. One minute, they’re talking about the validity of Katharine Hepburn as feminist icon. The next, they’re talking about real tears shed over Real Housewives. These two women have the kind of conversations that make you want to hang out at the kitchen table for a weekly roundup of cheeky chatter, and now, through the magic of digital technology, you can do just that by tapping into Pop This! – a brand new podcast featuring the dynamic divas dissec...