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The Art of Self-Defense kicks with fists while crunching numbers

Movie Review: The Art of Self-Defense Director Riley Stearns bares some surprising truths in a predictable revenge story that evolves into a forensic audit of the masculine identity as Jesse Eisenberg plays a meek accountant who helps a karate instructor reconcile the books.

Popstar: Never Stops Stopping Sucking

Movie Review: Popstar - Never Stop Stopping The team that brought your their Dick in a Box reunites for another round of thigh-slapping comedy dependent on short attention spans and Justin Timberlake in a bird suit

Green Room: a zombie movie sans zombies

Movie review: Green Room Jeremy Saulnier's follow-up to Blue Ruin reimagines zombie movie cliche as a real-life face-off between a struggling punk band and a group of calculating white supremacists laying siege to their dressing room