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Unsane Gets Under the Membrane

Movie review: Unsane Steven Soderbergh brings a fisheye lens and a personality experiment to a thriller set in a psychiatric  centre, where Claire Foy checks her crown for a hospital gown as Sawyer Valentini, an unwilling patient who believes her stalker is to blame.

Pop This! Hits, hisses and misses

Podcast: Pop This! Trainwreck chugs toward a cliff of critical revision while Albert Maysles's final piece of non-fiction brings an Apfel for a teacher Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. Produced by Andrea Gin. A sampling of what you might hear Episode 7 as Pop This! breaks down the year in movies*: “I dream one day of owning a La-Z-Boy" “What about a La-Z- Girl?” "Sometimes I love AND hate.. but mostly love..." "My hate has grown for a few things... A lot of my hate has grown for Trainwreck." "You have to watch... It Follows." "I found Iris Apfel…. very inspiring..." "My grandmother is a huge part of my life... she made me hyperaware that we put seniors to the side…" "If The Rolling Stones Tour and people buy tickets isn’t that it…?" "Ex Machina... fantastic." "I'm playing air theramin..." "I love watching dudes bond over things that aren’t demeaning to women, The Night Before was... ridiculous and lovely and ...