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Going Solo Has Its Downsides

Movie Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story The backstory for the biggest risk-taker in the Star Wars franchise plays it perfectly safe, meaning Solo gets home in one piece -- riding on decades’ worth of character collateral.

The Ex-Press Oscar Predictions 2016

Movies: Oscars 2016 Our expert guide -- and some good guesses -- about who will win the little man with the gold complexion come curtain time By Katherine Monk Chris Rock is in a hard place. Hosting this year’s Oscars isn’t a task for amateurs who get by on dimples, he’ll need to do an entirely different song and dance and address, and hopefully undress, the diversity issue that continues to ripple through every corner of the industry, putting legendary stars in embarrassing situations. Poor Meryl Streep. You know she’s going to get some zinger about about how “we all come from Africa.” And poor Sylvester Stallone, having to represent Creed as the white guy, and poor Bryan Cranston and Michael Fassbender who handed in spectacular performances as two different brands of genius in Trumbo and Steve Jobs but will not take home the big prize. It was a year of great performances in so-so movies, or at least movies that never fully connected with audiences in the ...

Star Wars: A Feminist Force Awakens

Podcast: Pop This! Star Wars: The Force Awakens provides a Ton Ton's carcass of content to discuss and, in a pinch, butcher and turn into a sleeping bag in this week's Pop This!   Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. Produced by Andrea Gin. A sampling of what you might hear in Episode 11: Star Wars What would I do with a BB8? I have never cared about space at all. I can see Star Wars is part of pop culture canon, but it's a conversational understanding of Star Wars. What you did for me for Real Housewives, I need for you to do me for Star Wars. I don't think I thought of it as a space movie... It just happens to be set in space. I was watching the hero's journey: Joseph Campbell figured out we have an innate story we need to experience. I recommend the hero with a thousand faces. Maybe it's good to watch this movie not stoned out of your gourd. I feel like this is my literal everyday, I'm invited to save the world and I don't. It ...

Star Wars goes back to the future

Movie review: Star Wars - The Force Awakens The long-awaited new movie reclaims the universe of Star Wars, makes it fresh again, and still finds room for old favorites like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher

We’re Doomed! A Star Wars Guide to Canada’s Election

The force of apathy awakens, but if you see it as Darth Harper versus Justin Trudeauwalker, things almost look dramatic From the Sith Lord Mike Duffy's allegiance with Darth Harper to rebel insurgents sporting plaid shirts and carrying a cup of Timmy's in their holsters, the election has turned into a stellar war of ideologies featuring a leader who lives behind a mask By Chris Lackner Now, in a galaxy far, far too close. There. Got your attention? My Star Wars ploy worked? Now stay focused, Canada. When it comes to our election, I know most of you are either bored, indifferent, disgusted – or blissfully unaware it even started. Much like the Death Star, I’m going to blow your mind in one shot. With only months to go before the franchise reboot, we can all agree the space opera is waaaaay more interesting than politics. But what if our election was a Star Wars movie?! (Given the cookie-cutter dialogue of recent debates, it already feels like the election was written ...